Saturday, January 20th at 11pm on TV3

In this suspenseful disaster film, a suspiciously set fire traps guests in a Las Vegas casino high rise! Oliver Sloan (Parker Stevenson) is the son of a Las Vegas resort magnate whose showplace hotel has just been given its grand re-opening. However, Sloan’s board of directors are not happy with the hotel’s profitability, and he knows he’s about to be replaced.

When a fire breaks out on the 20th floor and the sprinklers fail to activate, Sloan suspects that the fire did not happen by accident. Meanwhile, a number of guests are trapped as the fire rages out of control, including Jim (Meat Loaf), an engineer working for the hotel who tries to figure out a route to safety for himself and the guests, and Evans (William McNamara), a TV reporter who begins broadcasting live from the burning building!

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