Victor Garber and Johnny Lee Miller in Eli Stone

Eli Stone, produced by Touchstone Television, is a legal drama set in San Francisco about a lawyer who discovers he may be a prophet. Johnny Lee Miller is the seer and Garber is his senior partner, and the father of Miller’s fiancé.

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  • Georgieboy

    I watched an episode of this when I was in the States. It is really really good, great script and characters and interesting premise. It is in the new Sunday line up on TV2.

  • MrCynical

    It gets real old real fast though

  • regan

    They were filming this when we were at Universal Studios in December. I thought the show had a really good story and deserves the Sunday night slot TVNZ have given it.

  • MrCynical

    It just turns into another procedural with the same cliched legal cases already seen in every other elgal drama out there, but with an amusing twist…that stops being amusing after about 5 episodes.

  • regan

    Legal cliches aside, I actually thought the internal struggles with what Eli experiences and what his friends, family and colleagues see made for a pretty bold approach. Especially for a network like ABC who tends to lean in the opposite direction when it comes to things of such nature.

    I thought the story was well written with a strong arc regardless of any legal cliches. In fact, there are many other moments where standard cliches are put aside leaving a very different scenario indeed.

  • MrCynical

    I don’t think i got that far, it just turned into another procedural to me and the cast just weren’t intresting enough to make me want to come back.

    I enjoyed the first one, but stuggled to sit thorugh the rest. Much like Chuck and Reaper.

    Yet The Closer keeps me coming back each season.

  • tvaddict

    I just googled this – very favourable reviews. Looking forward to checking it out, I am so sick of the nightly fodder of murder investigations.