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The following is an excerpt from Adam’s personal website,

“Greetings everybody from the far side of the planet!

Yes I am here in sunny New Zealand and judging from the news from back home I judged the timing just about right to avoid the snow storms. I actually arrived about 2 weeks ago so apologies for not getting the diary done before now but things have been more than a little hectic.

To give you a bit of background to the whole thing, basically what happened is that around the Autumn of last year I agreed to help produce a film through my production company which was due to start filming in New Zealand in the spring of 2007. Chatting to my agent about the venture he mentioned that he had a friend in the business who had relocated over here with her family. He suggested that he give her a call to find out about all the mundane things like places to stay, car hire and all that kind of thing. Well anyway he gave her a call and she very kindly provided all the info needed. She also took me a bit by surprise by saying that the job she had taken up in New Zealand was on the TV show Shortland Street and that they wondered if I would be interested in staying on in the country a little longer in order to play a character they were developing at that time. I asked about the character and the storyline that he would be involved in and when the word came through I have to say I absolutely jumped at the chance.

The character is called Kieran Mitchell (exclusive photo of Adam as “Kieran Mitchell”- right) and alas I can not divulge anything about him as it is all VERY secret, but what I can say is that the role and persona are so different to everything else that I have done that from an acting point of view I must admit I felt utterly compelled to take it on, it just all seemed to click together so well that it just seemed right.

So to cut a long story short here I am (after the journey from hell..29 hour trip turned into 72 hours, enough said!) and I have to say I am absolutely loving it. I have only ever heard good things about this country and my God they were right. The place itself is absolutely stunning, but what has really set things apart for me has been the incredible welcome and friendliness of the people here. Hand on heart I can say that I have never been lucky enough to work with such a good-hearted group of people who have made me feel so welcome and have made the experience itself just incredible.”

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