Anna Paquin in True Blood

Anna Paquin has scored herself the lead role in HBO’s drama entitled “True Blood” plaing Sookie Stackhouse. From the makers of Six Feet Under, the show is based on the Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris.

Paquin plays a mind-reading waitress who falls in love with a vampire.

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  • Justine Twemlow

    this show looks hot. I have read all the books and loved them.

    When will this be shown in NZ? Who’s picking it up?

  • Rachel

    HBO screened the first episode on September 7, and it has already been given a second season.

  • MrCynical

    Consiering it is HBO I say it would be tv3/4 or even tv1

    Gutted they recast the black chick though, new one no where near as funny.

  • I’m loving it. It’s going to be hard to find an audience here, though, because they’re hour long episodes and quite slow-paced. I suspected at one point that they’re turning each chapter of the book into an hour of television. Despite all that, it has us hooked.