Daughtry songs

Well, unfortunately, this week ‘Daughtry has dropped to number 3 after being number 1 last week on the Billboard album charts. To be topped by Katherine McFee!:( Still getting huge sales though and up there near the top!

Fantastic album. Receiving really good reviews too! Some can be read via his website or Billboard.

Noted that not all songs have contributions by Chris. But most have!

He wrote ‘Home’ (voted to be one of the best songs on the album), ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Gone’.

Co-wrote ”Over You’, ‘What I want’, ‘There and back again’ and ‘All these lives’.

Was part writer for ‘It’s not over’ (first single from the album), ‘Used to’ and ‘Crashed’.

Only 2 songs he didn’t have a part in – ‘Feels like tonight’ and ‘What about now’.

Make a point of visiting his website and listening to these songs – well worth it! You won’t be disappointed!

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