Garfield: new series to be made

Remember Garfield? No, not the movie, the TV cartoon. Fans will be happy to know that a new Garfield TV series is in the works. 26 half-hour episodes will be created for the first season.

The series will be produced in both English and French and animated in CGI with 3D tools. The show is intended for worldwide distribution.

Mark Evanier will write the series in collaboration with French nationalist writers. Evanier wrote the highly successful Garfield and Friends series. Garfield and Friends started its first season on CBS-TV in 1988. The half-hour program was so popular, it was expanded to one hour for the second season. Garfield and Friends stayed at the top of the ratings chart for Saturday morning shows for 7 years. In fact, the show was the most popular children’s program on television in 1993, with an audience that was 40% adult.

The new series will be animated and produced by Ellipsanime, under the direction of Robert Réa, Director General, and Philippe Vidal, creative director.

The new voice of Garfield has already been chosen and it’s not Bill Murray. Garfield won’t look like he did in the movie either.


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