No Torchwood for Australia

Outpost Gallifrey, a Doctor Who fan website, has reported that the ABC and SBS networks in Australia have decided not to screen Torchwood. It is unlikely the commercial networks will want to screen it, which means Torchwood will not be televised in Australia., a Torchwood fan website, suggests the Australian networks were deterred by “gratuitous language and scenes of a sexual nature”. A poster in the forum suggests the Australian networks are prejudiced against science fiction.

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  • Jess Hanley

    When they played torchwood, i had already seen it, as i went to the uk when they started showing it. i thought it was really good, then i heard channel 10 was going to air it and i though brilliant it’s better then most the shows they have on there like Big Brother. But when they took it off for Language and Sexual Refference i was shocked, because they replaced it with Californication i show that was just about a guy having sex. and Big Brother up late had language so i think they just didn’t think many would like the show.