Paul Holmes on Danicing with the stars

Holmes ready to rumba on DWTS

He’s the “pimp daddy” of New Zealand broadcasting with his Cartier watch, Bentley coupe and beautiful, blonde younger wife.

And now Paul “bling, bling” Holmes is about to bust some moves as the pint-sized drawcard for the newest series of Dancing With The Stars.

A Prime TV source told Sunday News the news anchor may well dazzle the hit reality show’s viewers with his fancy footwork.

“You’d always hear him singing from his office and occasionally he’d even do a bit of a dance in the newsroom,” the source said.

“It was pretty funny … him dancing around in his suits, shuffling his feet back and forth. But the guy’s got some talent. He’s a natural entertainer on and off the camera.”

With his hip hop stylings, Holmes is more 50 Cent than Fred Astaire, but according to his colleagues he might well break out some moves straight out of Saturday Night Fever.

“You never know with Paul. The man’s capable of anything when there’s an audience.”

Holmes will be taking on TVNZ’s hunky Good Morning Show host Brendan Pongia, outspoken Wanganui mayor Michael Laws, infomercial queen Suzanne Paul, actress Greer Robson, and Celebrity Treasure Island star April Ieremia in the third series.

NZ Idol judge Megan Alatini will be on the other side of the scorecards when she joins the celebrity dance line-up in the glitzy show, famous for squeezing the most unlikely stars into sequins and lycra.

The celebrities are paired with professional dance partners and will have just six weeks to learn several ballroom and Latin dances.

It is expected hosts Jason Gunn and Candy Lane will return for the third series, which is tipped to move from its Sunday night slot to Tuesday.

In Dancing With The Stars’ first series, former All Blacks hooker Norm Hewitt proved he could tango as well as he could tackle to win the show.

Last year, former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes twirled her way to victory.

But the most memorable moment came when ACT leader Rodney Hide dropped partner Krystal Stuart on her head.

“There may be a few who want to see Paul land on his a***, or be completely dwarfed by some leggy beauty,” said a source.

“Knowing Paul, he’ll play up to it big time.

-sunday news

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  • bots

    I like Paul Holmes, but do we really need another Rodney Hide type?? Will be good for a laugh, but unless he’s a fantastic dancer I really cant see him in there for long.

  • Mr Bass Man

    Yeah – I was kind of hoping that Paul Holmes would fall over or something – but that’s just becuse I can’t really stand him. I have a sneaky suspiscion that he may do another ‘Rodney’ and stay in the competition long past his use by date….. Michael Laws will be first to go… but wait there’s more!!! Suzanne Paul did an excellent job for a more ‘mature’ woman. solely based on last nights performances Brendan Pongia was the winner for me.