Playhouse Disney Channel: New Series Begins! Johnny and the Sprites

Premiere Series: Johnny & The Sprites
Playhouse Disney Channel – Saturdays & Sundays from 3 March, 12pm & 5.30pm

You’ve seen “Johnny and the Sprites” in short form programs on Playhouse Disney Channel and now you can venture into his magical world for full length episodes. Tony Award nominee John Tartaglia brings his puppetry magic to kids television as creator, executive producer and star of “Johnny and the Sprites,” a series of live-action musical interstitials. Johnny is a musician who moves to a house in the woods in order to work on his music. However, he soon discovers that this house in the woods is not just any house! Talking animals and flowers, pixie dust and enchanted forests are just part of the scenery as Johnny discovers the magical forest of Grotto’s Grove where he meets a captivating pair, The Sprites, Basil and Ginger. “Johnny and the Sprites” is about understanding how to accept and celebrate others who are different from ourselves, and learning strategies to resolve problems between or among people

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