Quality TV that educates, informs and entertains?

Ryan Sproull recommends watching “Children of Men” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” when it screens here and blogs about the state of TV in NZ:

“But that doesn’t stop Rebecca Loos from being a “celebrity” on “Celebrity” Treasure Island. She is not a celebrity, Matthew Ridge is a prime munter, Touchdown is the devil, and TVNZ pimps this stuff out to Kiwi viewers who don’t know any better and are knowing less by the second.

“To New Zealanders, this unique and special responsibility means quality television that educates, informs and entertains through local home-grown programming and the best of international programming.”

It just felt appropriate to quote the TVNZ website there. Why is this on my mind? Because Studio 60 is to American television what The West Wing is to American politics. It says, “Imagine a world where people shaping that world had slightly more integrity than they do in the real world.”

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