Romance Rules

Valentines Day has always signified a special day on Shortland Street and this year is no exception. Last year, February 14th was marked by the memorable civil union of Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne) and Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstrong). A year on, Valentines day will celebrate new love and old love as well as revealing a broken heart.

Benjamin Mitchell sees Valentines Day as the ideal opportunity for his character TK Samuels to show just how much new love Sarah Potts means to him. “It’s just another opportunity to give everything he can to his girl, because he loves her to bits,” says Mitchell. “Ideally it would be Valentines for her everyday.” Exactly how the happy couple will celebrate remains to be seen, but Mitchell promises something special. “It’s TK’s first Valentines with Sarah and he’s not a last minute person. He has really thought about it.”

Anna Jullienne says Valentines Day means something extra special for her character Maia Jeffries and wife Jay. “For Maia, Valentines is a very special day because it marks her wedding anniversary. This year is particularly exciting because babies are on the horizon which will make Maia and Jay’s relationship stronger than ever.”

Despite sharing her name with the year’s most romantic day, Scarlett Valentine (Nicole Thomson) does not share the same zest as others at Shortland Street. “Scarlett doesn’t really take Valentines on board because she doesn’t really have anyone to share it with” says actress Nicole Thomson. “I think it reminds her of the fact that she is alone and unlucky in love.” However viewers can expect a surprise of sorts from the teenager. “Expect something a little different from every other Valentines Days” reveals Thomson. “Scarlett will get great satisfaction on the day although the present may not be for her.”

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