Survivor in Fiji: One Tribe Rich, One Tribe Poor

Wednesday, February 21st at 7:30pm

Jeff Probst reveals the brand new series of Survivor features a diverse cast of Americans who will be split between a luxurious island and an island with only a pot, a machete and a water source, in Survivor: Fiji, screening Wednesday, February 21st at 7:30pm.

This season, all castaways will begin the series as one tribe with plenty of supplies and resources on their island – to make an exceptionally comfortable camp.

But on day three, everything changes when the castaways will be split into two tribes, selected by one of their own as a result of events to take place prior to the first Immunity Challenge.

The tribe that wins the first Immunity Challenge will return to the camp of copious resources while the losing tribe must relocate to a new, less desirable island.

“The game is about one tribe living a life of luxury, and the other tribe really scraping to get by while the other tribe has it so good it almost doesn’t feel like Survivor to them,” explains Probst.

The luxurious island consists of couches, tables, hammocks, umbrellas, bottles, decanters, silverware, plates, china and a bush shower, and the change in attitude makes fascinating television, says Probst.

“The other tribes show up and they’re dragging their butts because they haven’t even had water. What was really interesting was how quickly you started to see the attitude change where the winning tribe started to have this sense of entitlement. It was fascinating to watch the rich tribe get lazy and entitled and the poor tribe get desperate and resentful.”

In addition, throughout the series, at least one castaway in each episode will be banished to a separate island (Exile Island) miles away from camp. The castaways will learn that there is a Hidden Immunity Idol located somewhere at each tribe camp and that a new clue to their whereabouts will be waiting for the latest person sent to Exile Island.

These Hidden Immunity Idols may be played at future Tribal Councils if the possessor feels they are in danger of being voted off the island, but before the votes are read out.

“This season, you must play the Idol after the votes have been cast but before I read them. That made a dramatic difference. The Idols get played. Nobody is sitting on their Idol until the end and taking it home as a souvenir.”

Tune in to the brand new series of Survivor: Fiji, screening Wednesday, February 21st at 7:30pm on 3.

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