Suzanne Paul in Asia

Always enjoy Intrepid Journeys. Vary so much depending on the person each week.

The journey with Suzanne Paul travelling from Hanoi to Hong Kong must be one of the most entertaining ever. I laughed all the way through it – just about non-stop. She was just so funny – by just being herself and saying what she was thinking and feeling, and laughing at herself.
But she also told us so much about the country and people she met too – being very respectful in spite of her difficulties along the way

Loved it, love Suzanne!:) So glad I videoed it and have saved it to watch again!

Would love to see an entire series of Suzanne travelling – but don’t think she’d be up to it!;)

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  • Rikki

    After such a good week wished I’d watched Suzanne again instead of Mary Lambie in Iran!:(

    One of the most boring ones. Didn’t even watch all of it. She didn’t come across very well at all.

    Suzanne Paul I would rate as the best ever of all the Intrepid Journeys.:)

    Mary Lambie only being beaten for the worse by Paul Henry in Nepal.:(

  • regan

    I actually enjoyed Mary’s episode last night. I thought it was really interesting to come away with a different perspective on the people of Iran after all we ever seem to hear is about their nuclear stuff and how they’re all terrorists. Nice to get some balance for a change.

  • sephecha

    Last nights Intrepid Journey’s show featuring Mary Lambie in Iran was disappointing compared to the previous more ‘humble’ shows with John T and Jeremy W.

    My overriding thoughts were ‘what an amazing opportunity and experience’ to be given to someone only to be clouded by a patronizing and unaccomodating attitude towards the iranian culture and people.

    This is a clear example of a kiwi who thinks her smile, liberal attitude, independance and athletic skills are key assets of survival in this world. I challenge her to spend longer than 2 weeks in any so culture that is different to ours and see how long she lasts. She would need alot more patience, sensitivity and insight than she displayed last night.

    I mean honestly what was she expecting from Iran and why on earth would she consider it relevant to ask the young iranian woman if she had tried ‘mind altering substances?’. She reduced complex issues of marriage etc to basic questions, only to then stop the respondent mid-sentence if she disagreed with their answer. What a waste of a dialogue.

    On the positive side, however, despite coming across as niave and rough, it is likely she has walked away from this experience with a different perspective and slightly more open minded – we hope.

    Note to the producers – think twice before sending anyone who is about to run the NY marathon to a place like iran. They will just get angsty and waste time thinking about how and where they are going to fit in their training.

  • Elmo

    I actually liked last nights show with Mary Lambie. Interesting.

  • Tui

    I love this show! Pitty i’ve missed most of it :@

    (Someone text me when it’s on!)