The History Channel - Engineering the Egyptian Empire

NZ Television Premiere: Egypt: Engineering An Empire
The History Channel – Wednesday 7 March, 10.30pm
Long before the world had ever heard of Rome or Greece, Egypt was building a civilization that astounds us to this day. Using only a few, simple tools, the Egyptians engineered giant pyramids, fortresses, dams, irrigation canals, and temples in the desert sands, laying much of the groundwork for human civilization. This captivating special examines a selection of Pharaohs and how they shaped the empire’s construction feats for over 3,000 years to engineer the oldest empire in history. This 2 hr special is followed by the spin off series, Engineering An Empire. Episodes include – Greece, Russia, Napoleon’s Empire, Aztecs, Great Britain, China, Greece: Age of Alexander, Persia, Byzantine, Maya, Age of Architects and Carthage.

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