Treasure Island: The Pirates Of The Pacific

Think Johnny Depp, think Pirates of the Caribbean… and you have the all-new series of local favourite, Treasure Island – Treasure Island: The Pirates Of The Pacific, hosted by Matthew Ridge.

It’s time to venture back into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, in a remote corner of the Fijian islands – for a whole new Treasure Island challenge. The 12 contestants will be familiar to Kiwis, they are faces from the world of entertainment, sport and television – nationally and internationally.

Sunday, February 11, 7.00pm

From banned footballer Wendell Sailor, the infamous tell-all Rebecca “I slept with David Beckham” Loos, to our very own rugby legend Glen Osborne; these contestants may be a world apart but they all have one thing in common – the fierce desire to win the $50,000 prize!

Split into two villages, consisting of three men and three women each, the teams will compete every day in mental and physical challenges to win food and privileges, to survive in the harsh pirate environment, and to avoid elimination from the game. They all expect to play the game of a lifetime – a game where they must rely on each other one day, and betray each other the next, but they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for… in fact, they probably think that they are the only ones playing this game, as Treasure Island: The Pirates Of The Pacific takes a twist like no other Treasure Island has.

A wise tactic for the contestants over the next 13 weeks will be for them to presume that nothing is really as it seems… They’re about to enter a world of fantasy and fear and step back in time to when pirates ruled the seas. This is no ordinary game – you never know when or where the wrath of an angry pirate could strike. Yes, the rules have changed, so come and join the hunt on TV2 as Treasure Island: The Pirates Of the Pacific looks to unveil one overall winner.

Treasure Island : The Pirates Of The Pacific premieres on TV2 with a 90-minute special on Sunday, February 11 at 7.00pm. It will then screen every Sunday night on TV2 at 7.30pm.

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  • Anonymous

    treasure island was before survivor according to a magazine article i read about julie christie, the owner of touchdown who make the show.

  • Anonymous

    Rubbish. You might have read it and technically it might be true. But anyone can read about another show in a magazine or the Trade Press and go oh that’s a great idea, let’s rip it off and get the idea to TV first. That’s what happened with TI/Survivor. Survivor was announced and created first but it took a long time to get to TV. In the meantime TI was commissioned and went to air in NZ. But same thing happended to JC with The Chair when she got ripped off by another US network. City Celebrity Country Nobody = The Farm,So You Wanna Be a Popstar was only “developed” and commissioned after TV3 announced theirs months before, Going Straight = Fear Factor, Top of The Class = (almost identical British show I can’t think the name of). The ripoffs happen all the time and you have to admire JC for becoming a multimillionaire off the back of other people’s ideas. She’s certainly not the only one who’s done it.

  • Blair

    Actually you should get your facts right. I just did a bit of research and the first Treasure Island was in 1999 and the first Survivor was in 2000. New Zealand has actually got a history of being the first to come up with formats – Popstars – the show about girlband Truebliss was the FIRST such show, and blazed the way for the likes of IDOL! Unfortunately for the makers of Popstars they didn’t ever expect such huge acts to follow and they didn’t the millions you would hope. Bugger. Anyway, what I am getting round to saying is lets try celebrating our creative industries rather than dissing them.

  • Anonymous

    Which Blair is exactly what I said. TV in New Zealand can get a show to air way faster that the US. Survivor did come first – even if it wasn’t on TV first. And TV in NZ should be celebrated, you’re spot on about Popstars. Without it, there would be no Idol which was ripped off from Popstars in the UK. But the facts are correct on every point

  • John

    “TV in New Zealand can get a show to air way faster that the US.”

    Ha! That is the most amusing thing I have read in a long, long time. I have tears rolling down my cheeks that is so hilarious.

    Obviously you don’t know the agony of trying to get ANYTHING made in New Zealand.

    Unless you can come up with some concrete proof, I suggest nobody believes a word you say.

  • Rikki

    Actually watched it this week, though I never care if I do or not, it was ‘easy’ as I felt lazy.
    Sure Rebecca left the last week I saw it – she was sent to another team and they got rid of her! So why was she still there?

    The whole programme still annoyed me though, and I’m sure it’s because of the ego’s of the rugby guys and Matthew Ridge ( well he’s a rugby guy anyway).

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha John, then your tears are in shed in vain. I know absolutely what I’m talking about. If you have the right show with the right TV company, you can get them to air in a matter of weeks as you can cut straight through the red tape when it’s urgent. It’s been that way for years and years and years. Things can and do move very fast when they need to.

  • Anonymous

    yeah right

  • Blair

    Anonymous you are obviously a rival company. So I agree with John – why would we believe anything you say?

  • Anonymous

    I never asked you to believe me but what I’m saying is fact. You can argue with me until you’re blue in the face and it doesn’t change the truth. Sobeit. When you know what you’re talking about and are better informed then come back and try and argue the facts. Until then. Whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares who was first – personally I wouldn’t watch either of them if it wasn’t for my girlfriend who is a total reality tv junkie. And trust me, its not worth arguing. But I do have to admit its not exactly torture watching Rebecca Loos shimmy herself along a plank. The cameramen seem to have a good time on that show!

  • Andrew Paul Wood

    Look, can’t we buy the cheap US and UK versions of the show with REAL celebrities, and spend the money saved on some quality NZ programmes that don’t make anyone with more than two brain cells want to stab a screwdriver into their carotid.

  • Rikki

    I wish anonymous people had a name of their own, so we’d know one ‘Anonymous’ from another!

    Anyway didn’t see it again, and didn’t care

  • Rachel

    Heh Rikki, maybe I should change the word Anonymous to something else to encourage people to use a name?

  • rachael

    if you look at the production values compared to most new zealand stuff it is quality. I think it is gripping.