"TVNZ should stick to its knitting"

Press Release: New Zealand National Party

“Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey needs to say whether he supports a suggestion that the state television broadcaster is looking to expand into commercial radio,” says National Party Broadcasting spokesman Jonathan Coleman.

“TVNZ should stick to its knitting in an increasingly competitive digital era.”

Dr Coleman is responding to reports this morning that TVNZ is entertaining the idea of buying up the CanWest MediaWorks radio interests.

“TVNZ has enough on its plate without trying to get into commercial radio as well. We’ve yet to see the long awaited roll-out of a digital platform and we’ve only recently learned of significant restructuring at state TV.

“No doubt Labour would love to turn back the clock to the days of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation and re-nationalise commercial radio. They should resist the urge and reject such a gamble with taxpayer money.”

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    I think you mean JAMES COLEMAN.