Bite Club: Animal Omens


Saturday 3 March at 7.30pm

Can creatures predict disaster?

Most pet owners have witnessed first hand unusual behaviour prior to a severe storm. Species of birds, dogs, elephants and tigers and other animals can detect ‘infrasound’ – which may trigger unusual behaviour – even signaling a hurricane.

The devastating tsunami that killed as many as 150,000 people in Asia on Boxing Day 2004 has renewed a common – and controversial -theory that animals can somehow sense imminent disasters. For some, it’s local folklore, yet for others, it’s scientific fact.

ANIMAL OMENS investigates the stories worldwide, from oral legend to divisive laboratory studies to find answers. The overwhelming evidence not only points to a deceptively simple scientific explanation but also suggests way in which we can actually forecast future catastrophes.

Can your dog tell you when it’s going to rain?

BITE CLUB: ANIMAL OMENS will tell you what to watch out for…

Saturday 3 March at 7.30pm on PRIME.

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