Design Your Own News Bulletin

Even though it remains the most watched news programme in NZ, One News has suffered a large fall in ratings in some key demographics. If you had the chance, what would you do to improve their news?

As some initial ideas, would you change the time it is on, the presenters, the news stories they choose to cover, the way the cover them? Would you want a different type of story, more/less local news, more/less politics, more/less entertainment?

When you think of TV1’s news, what comes to mind? Credible, boring, stuffy, authoritative, friendly, entertaining, edgy, irrelevant?

Here you go folks, it’s your turn to design your own news programme.

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  • ell

    stuffy, incredibly so. simon and wendy have no chemistry.

    for a start, I’d change the presenters, rawdon christie or paul henry (yes, I know he isn’t a newsreader, but neither was John Campbell) and also bring in Bernadine O-K.

    then I’d change the lineup of stories, on most nights, One seems to get it wrong, the lead story should be something to hook viewers in, usually 3 gets it right, but One usually leads with some story about fishing quotas or something ridiculously boring like that, by all means have those stories, but put them later in the bulletin.

    3 news know how to present there news well in a interesting, informative way. One News needs to shake off the 1970s BBC shackels and move into the 21st century.

  • Richard Principal

    I saw that on day one, thats why I love TV3 news at least Judy gave the TV1 news some class. I would rather watch two cheapo robots on TV1 reading the news.

    Bernadine is OK by herslf, a good “Judy” replacement.

  • DeViI D0do

    TVONE is for oldies. Sorry, that’s the way it’s always been… and you’d have a helluva time trying to shake that off…

    I don’t like the set either… so cold and uninviting.

  • Tui

    If I was put in charge, I would change alot. The branding would be first – when you change the look, feel and name people usually tune back-in to have a look. So new logo, name, graphics, music – everything. The current set would go and a new, modern set would be built. New presenters would be brought in, because a revamp not only should include name, look and feel – but the voice too.
    The news content would be improved, it would cover more news, local and international, with researched essential information and less sport. Sport would be after the weather at the end of the show. After all, it’s a news program. People want to know the latest news and weather, and those interested in sport can keep watching or tune in near the end.

  • Richard Principal

    The todays weather is for people who like looking in the rear vision mirror all the time, that has been, gone, finished, never to be seen again, does it matter what temperature it was today, the thing is are you going to get wet tomorrow.

    I would like to see some ingenuity put in, if tomorrows temperature is hotter than normal for the year, color the font red, if it is going to be colder than average color the temperature figure blue. Then you get more value looking at all the temperatures around the country

  • bobscoffee

    i know one news ain’t perfect but it’s certainly a lot more credible to me than 3 news which is aimed at dopey teens. if i could change one news i would reduce the amount of entertainment and human interest stories. i watch the news for the news, not for entertainment value.

  • bobscoffee

    what do you mean by researched essential information tui?

  • Tui

    Well, I’d make sure that the information in the news is as accurate as ‘we’ are able to make it. Research about it alittle. Sorta like how TVNZ used a fake or development picture (i don’t know if it was official or not) for the PS3 in it’s articles.

  • campgrrls

    Actually I think TV One should aim for quality news and not to be entertainment…. leave that to TV3. If that means TV3 gets more ratings…. well that doesn’t say much for Kiwis interest in being well informed about crucial issues. I think the state supported broadcaster should be aiming to educate people about news issues and not entertain. It’s a catch22. If you give people infotainment for news all the time they’ll never get used to rerally focusing on the news.

    TV One should stop trying to appeal to people’s emotions, resulting in politically biased reports. Dallow is very good. Petrie is OK. But really I think the content of the stories is crucial and not the image of presenters.

    If sport was cut back to include more news content I’d be OK with that. I must say tho, even Al Jazerra has a sports section before the weather in their daily news hour. And Al Jazeera aims for serious news content rather than entertainment.

  • DanielM

    I agree with One News having more news than entertainment. I’d much rather have the news, rather than a fluffed up version of it, main reason why I don’t watch 3 News (for example, the Helen Clark/George Bush conference TV3 focused more on their reporter than the actual meeting. Even my 3 watching friends cringed at this.)

    So, less entertainment, less trying-to-make-you-feel-sorry-for-them stories, less Wendy, more Bernie. Simon can stay. Presentation-wise, it should back to the past to 2003 with it’s BBC-esque theme tune and primary colour being other-than-blue (at the time, it was orange and dark teal). Also have reporters that have clear, strong voices. Some are quiet, or have some speech impairment which can make it difficult to follow.

  • DeViI D0do

    TV3 has Bob McNeil, so ONE automatically loses by default. The man is a legend!

  • jhjh2000

    Bob McNeil who

  • Anonymous

    Bob McNeil is awesome!!

    I would like to see the presenters on One News standing on the set more.

    And I think the news should still be entertaining while informing. I mean, for all of you saying the news shouldn’t be entertaining then why are you worried about the colour, music and logo – all those things are simply to entertain the brain. If you are saying you would like an unentertaining show – then perhaps they should just cut all spending on wardrobe and just have Mark Sainsbury sitting on a chair flashing his moustache and speaking in a monotonous voice.

  • campgrrls

    Actually I have talked about news needing to be more serious and less focused on entertainment – but I never said anything about logos or colour schemes, and little about presenters. I’m not that bothered about who the presenter is as long as they present the news as impartially as possible.

    I think a lot of the people who talked about logos etc here, haven’t talked about the need for the news to be less entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    Simon Dallow is a very good presenter. However, he needs to be supported by a good co-host. Kate Hawkesby would be the best for this role – she is a much mroe lively presenter, and is able to judge the tone of the story and modify her presentation well.
    Otherwise One News is not too bad. It presents news in a more balanced way than 3 News, which is often too sensationalist. At the end of the day ratings should not compromise news quality. And in any case, One News still outrates 3 News by a country mile in overall totals. It’s mainly Auckland and younger people where it suffers.
    Perhaps they should consider producing 3 separate bulletins – Auckland and Upper North Island, Wellington and Lower North Island, and Christchurch and the South Island at 6pm. This is similar to what the Australian networks (7, Nine and 10) do, and would end the complaints about never hearing the news from your own area.

  • Matt

    I liked this look. They took a step backwards when they got cold feet and yanked the look back to blue/green/dullness again.

    Bring back Judy Bailey…
    I watch 3 News until 6:30pm, then it’s over to Maori TV for ‘Ask Your Auntie’.
    Vote with your remote!

  • Anonymous

    news isnt supposed to be entertainment otherwise flipside would still be going. TV 3’s studio and graphics look so old and dull. One isnt perfect but atleast it looks modern. TV one especially Guyon Espener are ridiculously biased towards the National party. maybe this is so no one accused tvnz of being a government propoganda tool.