Disney Channel Movies - The Luck of the Irish, Saturday March 17

Channel Premiere: The Luck Of The Irish
Disney Channel – Saturday 17 March, 6.30pm

Be charmed this St Patrick’s Day with the Disney Channel Original Movie “The Luck of the Irish” when it makes it Disney Channel premiere. Kyle (teen heartthrob Ryan Merriman) has been lucky all his life which he attributes to a Celtic-designed gold coin he wears around his neck, from his Mother. Eager to find out more about his heritage Kyle visits a fairground where he meets some sinister characters who questions him about his gold coin. During Seamus’ step performance, Kyle is mysteriously, uncontrollably induced into dancing an Irish jig and by the next day Kyle’s luck starts to wear thin. Did Kyle’s coin get swapped for a fake? What are his parents hiding from him? Will Kyle’s luck return? Find out when the Disney Channel Original Movie comes to you this St Pat’s Day.

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