Documentary: Selling The Weather (A Rodd & Gunn Sunday Premiere)

NZ Premiere: Selling The Weather (A Rodd & Gunn Sunday Premiere)
Documentary Channel – Sunday 1 April, 8:30pm

A Stormy Documentary About Our Global Obsession

There has never been so much weather or so much of the media covering it. The weather has become more important than news, more dramatic than sports, more addictive than soap operas – because the storyline changes every half hour. The world’s media fuel our obsession with a blizzard of information. There are endless websites to visit, satellite pictures from every corner of earth and backyard weather gadgets to do you own forecasts. Weather is the darling of the entertainment industry, from Hollywood movies about twisters and perfect storms to weather channels that rack up big ratings covering weather disasters. We follow a group of European package tourists who have paid thousands of dollars to cruise the back roads of America, searching for thunderstorms, twisters and awful weather. We visit England, a country obsessed by a rainy weather, where one eccentric businessman promises forecasts 11 months in advance.

We go to the U.S. to visit the Weather Channel and CNN’s new “global weather team”, as well as to Chicago’s stock market where brokers can now bet on today’s temperature. We visit Canada, the home of truly bad weather, and we drop in on the World Weather Oscars to see some exotic new forecasts from countries like Russia, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Selling The Weather explores the world’s growing weather obsession. We used to be interested in our own weather, but now we’re interested in other peoples’ weather. How did weather, the most mundane of topics, suddenly become so sexy?

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