E-Ring: Pentagon Drama on TV2 - SEASON PREMIERE! - Thursday March 22

Thursday, March 22, 10.30pm

Starting tonight on TV2 is the new political drama E-Ring. Combining the talents of producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman with the acting skills of Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper, to give the inside story of the United State’s ultimate fortress: the Pentagon.

In this hub of highly explosive conflicts between military heroes and the civilians to whom they report, situations can escalate into life-and-death crises – for individuals as well as for entire countries. Whether critical decisions are being made by intelligence officers in the war room, or those orders are being executed by covert special ops on the battlefield, the number one mission remains the survival of the state. Under the command of Colonel Eli McNulty (Dennis Hopper), irreverent and resourceful US Army Major Jim “JT” Tisnewski (Benjamin Bratt) and no-nonsense Marine Master Sergeant Jocelyn Pierce (Aunjanue Ellis) strike an often delicate balance between securing the homeland, protecting the rest of the world, and even ensuring the safety of a lone soldier.
After a career playing hippies and villains, esteemed Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper says he took a major pay cut for the television role – about $1.5million – to star as a high-ranking member of the American military, Colonel McNulty. The better news, says Hopper, was that the E-Ring set was five minutes from his house! As for his co-star, Benjamin Bratt, his good looks are a big drawcard to the show. His character – originally penned as being married with children – was re-written after the pilot aired to make him single and thus more attractive to female viewers. “When I heard it – it made complete sense,” says Bratt. His character JT is now more of a ‘lone wolf, single guy’ on the show. But Bratt says he isn’t comfortable being tagged as the token hunk. “That’s a pretty one-dimensional way to be looked at,” he says.

E-Ring has been critically acclaimed by many reviewers in the US, saying the show is set to “do for the Pentagon what West Wing did for the White House”. In tonight’s first episode of the series, Colonel McNulty finds himself at odds with Major Jim Tisnewski. The major must convince his superiors at the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the United States should risk war with China to rescue an American operative.

E-Ring screens Thursday nights on TV2 at 10.30pm.

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