Finally! Season 2 of Joan of Arcadia

So TV3 are finally showing Season 2 of Joan of Arcadia. It’s about time really, season 1 ended here just under two years ago. Better late than never I suppose. Although, it is a crappy time slot. Regardless, it’s an awesome show and an awesome season (I bought it of amazon already), so my advice – watch it.

It’s on TV3, 2pm Saturdays.

Oh – I almost forgot to add, the second episode of the season is on today, I’m a week late in finding out on account of it not being on primetime (which it deserves to be).

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  • muzzzamie

    Typical, why to the stations continue to hide first runs of good programmes out of prime time. 5pm I could accept but 2pm?

  • Finally Free

    Yeah, I know. It’s frustrating. Tv3 have been pathetic with their treatment of Joan of Arcadia, first, they spread the first season over a a couple of years. Then wait another year (even though they’ve had season2 the whole time) to show season 2 at a pitiful time slot.

    I’m entirely unimpressed with TV3 over this, it’s no wonder the show was cancelled if the US network was anywhere as bad as TV3 with this show.

  • Alaina Roar

    Are you kidding me?? I’ve only just seen this. I thought they were repeats so I never bothered watching, cos I’d seen a couple of episodes a while ago and I’d seen them already.

  • Finally Free

    Tv3 did a good job at hiding it, that’s for sure. It’s a great show that has been treated very badly.