Food TV - Secret Food Diaries

Special: Secret Food Diaries
Food TV – Sunday 15 April, 8.30pm

This special observes one woman’s struggle with an extreme eating disorder whose problems with food have turned her into a reclusive binge eater. Danute Kostzanowska lives in constant terror of food. Since her teens, she’s been caught in a vicious cycle of binge-eating and denial, never knowing what uncontrollable urges each day will bring. Danute has become increasingly isolated and secretive because of her food problem and worries that her bad habit will pass on to her eight-year-old son Jack. She is desperate to change. Mary Wood, an expert in eating problems is one tough woman. She knows that a no-nonsense approach is the only way forward when it comes to helping Danute to make sense of her disordered eating habits and turn them around – for good.

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