Freeview: the newest TV Device in your home (if you don't have a satellite dish)

New Zealand TV consumers who don’t want to pay hefty Satellite fees for the equipment and the signal now have a new option to help free them from patchy TV antennas and signals.

The Freeview is a new device that will wire digital TV service right from the satellite to your homes, but with the option of satellite reception or digital landline reception. The new device offers clear reception for the basic TV package of TV ONE, TV2, TV 3, C4 Maori TV, and Radio New Zealand’s National and Concert stations. And as far as we can tell, thats about all.

So what are the benefits, you may ask? Well, there is no monthly subscription fee as there is for SKYTV, just the one time cost for the device and installation. A bonus for people contented with basic TV service in NZ but not willing to shell out the monthly commitment for SKY that often turns into

Freeview which is the new free digital service in New Zealand is due to start next month. It will come in the form of a satellite service and a digital terrestrial service.

All it really offers at this stage is clear reception to those who do not have it currently and a couple of extra channels. You decide whether its worth investing in!

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