Genie in the House - NZ Premiere on Nickelodeon! Saturday April 7

NZ Premiere! Genie in the House
Nickelodeon – Saturday 7th April at 4pm

When Sophie and Emma moved into their new house with their widower father, they expected a quiet, boring life, but it was just the opposite. Searching in the attic, they found an old lamp, and when Emma rubbed it with a piece of cloth to clean it, they received the surprise of their lives. In a shower of sparks, Adil, a teenage genie, appeared! For the girls, it was the best thing that had ever happened: a genie at their beck and call, ready to grant their craziest wishes! It was like a dream, or rather a wish, come true. Now they could have whatever their hearts desired – or so they thought. Because there was one small problem: Adil was indeed a real genie, but not a very competent one…

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