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Channel Premiere: The Real Jesus Christ
The History Channel – Fridays from 6 April, 9.30pm

After the death of Jesus, his followers split into two factions. They held radically different views about their leader – his identity, his message and his vision of the future. One of those factions flourished under the guiding genius of St Paul – and eventually wrote its version of the story in the Gospels of the New Testament. The other faction withered and died away, leaving behind no written records. But what if the losers in this power struggle had written their version of the story? The Real Jesus Christ reconstructs that lost biography of Jesus: an alternative version of his life as it would have been told by those who lost the battle for the succession, but who knew him better than anyone else – his closest followers and his family.

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  • rob

    .. what if jesus was holed like so many others who shine before the undeserving..? .. this is my latest from my “trial of the devil” simulation i’m writing. Oh! by the way there is a bombshell of a thing in the middle of this. so be warned.. 😉

    why are we talking about disrespect. my client the devil has been scapegoated from the begining of his purported time to rule the earth. yes he was in charge the last time i met him. and it is unfortunate that i was held swey to this propaganda when you understand the context that we’ve finally come to a close about. i will reveal this point in time.. probably around the same time i close. but i do want to insist on .. is that there is an ending to this trial.. one what i was hoping to be able to avoid breaching disclosure about.. but since it doesn’t seem to be happening on its own, i’m feeling that on some level i must meet this duty as it has fallen to me .. it seems. it feels. ok, that’s lunch folks. back at 2pm everyone.
    nervous much? my hands are shaking again. nervs are backed up .. damn i hate feeling this exposed. watching apresentation of your thoughts line up and fail flat on its face in front of you.. like it has no life of its own. falling apart like a house of cards.. i have to get this angle on the trial.. like i’m not trying to get him off of anything. apart from being an admitted pot smoker and my own personal deallings with him.. i can’t find much at fault with him. maybe that’s why i came back to trial.. ‘cuz he passed my own internal ping test i did on him.
    kinda simple. does one see person x hurting a pregnant woman. any kinda trauma you want to put in front of your own mind. but if you can see it.
    … sigh if only it were that easy.. us and our polished smiles.. duplicate identities.. psychotic mind pacing itself to death.. yet never figuring out it would save energy if it only decued itself from its advanced aggressived defensive posture platform.
    psychotic in the sence that it would simply hold up a local example .. something so out of context with what we expect from life. yet here we are still doing the same thing. unable it seems to break out of our death grip on fitting in. and surviving.. unnoticed our own psychosis breaches out in attempts of desire to be enfurled. yet even behind these banial attempts for affection lies a missmotivator underneath. .. if you can read the missmotivator.. then you can read the motive.
    so i guess i’m saying to myself that i don’t see this missmotivator that everyone seems to apply to pot as a direct and evil motive from the devil. i mean, sure i have conversations with him.. and at least with some of the stuff that he does underground ‘n all behind the scenes ‘nstuff. but he is still locked in leagal stuff. ie: he can’t directly validate or interphere in human destiny.. but he has his nudges every now and then.
    i look up at him. sipping perrier spring water through a straw dipped into the neck of the bottle. nice thing about telepathic conversation. don’t really have time to form a question, before the answer comes back in the same voice that formed the question. i’m all what am i going to close with.. and he’s all like just enjoy your meal. i go to have a sip of beer and it’s like my hand sparks a spotlight and mini commercial plug event. it was molson canadian. (premium lager, bière)..
    i mean what the heck. why should i care that just by dropping the stress our psychic accuity would alone increase something closer to the 75% desired rate.. at the best we are only hitting 66%.. on off days it’s more like 52%. we just invest heavily so much into these grand drama’s like they are a solution to a fortune or something. it is a hate based construct.. and it alone will kill us if we let it win.. but we have no idea of how to identify it and traights of its existance because we can’t fathom it.. and would like it to quiet up and not be a nice maintenance problem or media event like a pig farmer dealing with the discards of life. getting away with murder. it was eight years ago someone brought it to their attention.. shoulda brought a body part to the cops that was sitting in the freezer instead of just reporting it.
    i shouldn’t be thinking of this.. i should be figuring out how to win. even tho’ i know i won’t be able to. there is no way to do this. manoman if there were some way to do it.. i’m pretty sure i’m not going to be able to do it.
    the real problem is confirming the devil’s who he says he is. then i have to figure out a way to prove all the evil that happens in the world is not directly controlled or manipulated by him. then there is the financial aspect.. how does one prove that all the devil’s monetary dealings aren’t underhanded or tainted with evil in any way. then how do i prove that he doesn’t kill or murder or bring unnessary ruin to works of good done in god’s name by religeously motivated people. and then the other side of that prove that he doesn’t poke, prod or induce action from those factions involved in a jihad against the white race.
    1dec07totd: a 6 martini lungh
    then i have a sip of beer. heh, that would be a neat thing to link the devil to. kinda like how beer influences our spirit.. how it gives us a moment to detach from ourselves.. giving us a chance of insight into ourselves and our motivations. pot is like that.. only different. if you use pot to destress yourself.. then by all accounts you have done a crime.. but maybe it does more than that.. it allows one to ally himself to the devil. what i think throws a lot of people (ie: why they quit smokin’ pot..) is that doing this doesn’t nessesarily change your soul into evil. you can’t get contaminated by this process. after it is over.. you are still you. would jesus have reflected this. yes. if you can stand toe to toe to the devil and still retain your ‘youness’.. ie: not run around on a crack binge killin people etc. then sure go ahead.. maybe you’ll get useful info from him every now and then.. like when to turn left and so on.. neatly avoiding death. maybe you’ll be like jesus and become a judo master at doing this.. defusing jolts of death.. before they become murderous malice meanace. prob being that most people can’t do the inner work. and would rather “be right”-ness and certain.. instead of doing stuff to defuse this flinch anger in people anymore. it’s easy to surrender to the belief that nothing i do can do anything anymore. they never listen anyway.. they never change their actions like they would believe one has to account for one’s actions.
    then it hits me. i have to get a smoke for this one. sorta been floating around there in the back of my mind. an actual real insight to the methodology of jesus. i look up at my client. go on, his face seems to say.
    light the smoke. think of jesus’ pappy.. how in the telling of jesus’ life, only his mother shows up.. never his dad. then there is the whole ditch jesus at church thing.. hoping no one would track them down etc. that’s gotta be joseph’s reasoning. ditch the hot potatoe etc. what happened before this? oh, you know .. the usual. jesus levitates in front of his father. father fixes this by raping the kid. there, now he can’t levitate anymore. like jesus has to listen to him instead of god now. comes down to who controls what i guess.. jesus takes off and gets into the drug scene and rebuilds his power.. miraculously. .. as maybe as an exmple of one roled over by life an still have the forfitude of life to get back into the saddle again.. instead of taking it personal and settling the score. (or maybe he did and we never find out about it.) .. instead focuses on the ‘peace of god’.. fan’s that inner spark despite all the voices around him telling him just to lay down and die. .. and shows up to work.. being the voice of god .. healing the sick.. voicing his opinion on how the rich treats the poor.. telling people that there is something other than the drudgery mondane life that seems to be brow beaten onto every one. parents unto children .. generation after generation.. some sort of stupid scripted format that limits our own soul drives to manifest that hyper drive soul stuff. that dreaming 4 year old i can fly crap we decue out of ourselves in some sort of desperation instinct to fit in and be normal. valid, worthy of investment etc. but if that part of you is passified out of existance.. well, lets just say you’ll be running from suspicious motivation.
    my keys are hiding from me again. dang. one thing i hate about the new place. have to take a key with me to get back into the place. god i feel week.
    so i look up at my client who does the deep eye to eye soul stare that just gives me the willies.. there is just no other way to put it.. his eyes do the talking.. something about deep regret hanging out with me during the early years. perhaps if he’d understood the situation better.. things might have been different. but if this is what it was like for the other me in my time clone group.. maybe that would explain why he was so extreem love over profit. something lost perhaps to those who can only see things in terms of what to punnish. what to control..
    1dec07totd: what to control
    what to harp down on. the way things are. the stupid mixmesseging crap that goes on around us. because we are trained from birth to see it as it. so why couldn’t jesus just stop being the pain in the ass he was.. even to an almost psychotic level.. like even he was running away from running out of time. i wonder if he was left handed? and then i look up at my client again.. don’t even remember not looking at him. just got lost in a thought.. a time blip if you will. look at him. a scapegoat for all of man’s evils. the devil made me do it. what? kill? rob? rape? maim? steal? ohya, covered that already. for some unknown reason, a voice hooked you into doing something deplorable. and always it is a choice.. do you remain in accounting of your actions. or by even simply talking to the devil do you decide to do something stupid in his name. kill, live off of the revenue? how does it feel? every voice in your head deciding to treat you with the same amount of mercy you treated whatever you figured was best hostaged into.
    but spiritual incursion happens.. it’s up to us how to deal with it. it is spooky when your kids read your thoughts. don’t punish them for an important skill as that. don’t draw the line. don’t declare war. even if it is the name of love under your banner you fly. justify it..
    heh, i wonder if jesus could do the fish/loaves thing with pot like he could do with water to wine. man that would be the real miricle. people would be like.. holy crap! ganga from the sky! i like this jesus fellow. ohmygod.. we only got two rolling papers! hey lucky us we got a jesus.. maybe he could do the same with rolling papiers.
    2dec07totd: options
    So. how do you do it? make the people hate you so much. are you actually trying or are you lost in the desert trying to figure out how to win? i suspect this is true because you and jesus had that walk and talk. you asked me what i remember about it.. and to tell the truth.. i can’t remember the details.. but i’m sure it had something to do with setting everything straight.
    3dec07monday morning blues
    flew in my dreams last night.. did one of those hover in front of some guy. don’t know why i did it.. but who knows why we do half the stuff we do.
    defuse your core mandate. that you’ve had on so long, you’re not even sure you are projecting. but you are, and we pick it up. not that that doesn’t mean anything, but you were wondering why no body likes you.. and you are the only reason for that. so what do you do then?let it get away with murder for you? change that. make it respect you.. not constantly lead you on like some attention starved child lost on stage and afraid of what is on the other side of the curtain. hoping beyond hope that you can face the charge like some nation not laid flat to waste and ruin… and in desperate need of a welfare system. corrupt, selfish, unable to come up with a comparable comptable vegitative stance on things. too interphereing. too controlling.. and accpeting bribes from richer countrys that don’t want the vegetative stance to have a voice. not like anyone is left still standing and crying. nope all dead. now we get to bribe the people left. the survivours.. drastically cut down in number.. gosh, what could we offer them as a compensation package? oh! have you heard about this cool plant that i’ve tried smoking recently.. it’s called pot! it grows out of the ground. people use it like beer to chill out and relax and stuff.. and sure there’s a few idiots who over enjoy it a little.. but who hasn’t gone on a crazy kill crazy binge lately.. (heh.. not that the iraq war was entirely leagle. ) well? are we satisfied yet? want to sarcastically slap some other scapegoat country silly .. just until the blood of 911 is paid for? everybody happy yet? just let them grow pot! let it seed the desert.. decue political contraversy.. heck you shun the regular smokers already.. i would smoke by the rules. outside. in the rain.. happily. concider it a welfare project.. where the funds go back to the community. y’know welfare for the welfare of the community.
    borrow a bike program.. seen retrofits soas almost sidecar thing. two passenger bike. three if you include the driver.
    e-camp. video group. video group fireside discussions. writer’s group. e-video group theripy. hackboxroom projects: off on switch thru serial port. motion detecter pickups.
    3dec07drywall theor
    god is there such a thing? it is so simple to install?why does it take so long to get stuff right. sigh. just want to get it get done and get out. should freelance .. post a slip but then i would be directly competeting with chris. who i actually like for some reason. i like the crew.. and i figure we should be able to get some big stuff done. i should write up a reciept slip for that old house. plus the time i put in on this end of the thing. i act broke. but i’m not really. just waiting for it all to sync in.