Hope Yet for ‘Praise Be’?

An unexpected financial windfall for New Zealand On Air could mean that the ten programmes of ‘Praise Be’ that were chopped from this year’s schedule, are reinstated.

“That’s what we’re hoping,” said Churches Broadcasting Commission chairperson Trish Moseley.

“I’ve written to Jane Wrightson, CEO of New Zealand On Air, and suggested that a very small portion of the $8.5 million they are getting back after the cancellation of the production of the TV soap, ‘The Point’, would be enough to reinstate the ten programmes they dropped this year.

“Although Ms Wrightson rejected our original request for the reinstatement of the ‘Praise Be’ programmes, this windfall gives them an opportunity to review their decision.

“On behalf of the many thousands of disappointed ‘Praise Be’ viewers, I hope they do the decent thing. After all, 1.5 percent of $8.5 million is not a big ask,” added Mrs Moseley.

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