Inside New Zealand - What's your verdict on Timothy Taylor?


A new jury discuss the guilt or innocence of Timothy Taylor
Thursday, March 29th at 8:30pm

This week, Inside New Zealand: What’s Your Verdict? looks at the evidence delivered against Timothy Taylor, the man convicted of killing hitchhiker Lisa Blakie, the girlfriend of a Timaru-based gang member, screening Thursday, March 29th at 8:30pm.

What’s Your Verdict? Is the innovative Inside New Zealand documentary series where a hand-picked jury examines old and new evidence presented in several of the country’s most notorious and controversial crime cases.

What happens when 12 people are called on to assess the guilt or innocence of Timothy Taylor, accused of the murder of hitchhiker Lisa Blakie in 2000?

On February 6th 2000, a young woman’s half-clothed body was found by fishermen in the Porter River in Canterbury.

Twenty-year-old, Lisa Blakie, had been stabbed, strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. Her body, weighed down by a 104kg boulder, was found lying face down in the river, near a layby beside the Arthur’s Pass highway.

Blakie came from an underworld of prostitution, gangs and drugs, and was the girlfriend of a Timaru-based gang member. A concerned Blakie had recently told friends she “knew too much” about the criminal dealings of the gang.

But instead of the gang, police turned their investigations to Timothy Taylor, a man who had picked Blakie up while she was hitchhiking. He denied any connection to her murder – saying he dropped her off safely at the layby.

But police told a different story, saying Taylor stabbed and strangled Blakie to death.

But witnesses threw the Crown case into doubt; the Crown Pathologist put Blakie’s death as most likely to have been two to three days after Taylor picked her up – at which time Taylor had a “cast-iron alibi”. Other witnesses said they had seen Blakie in the days after February 2nd.

What does our new jury make of the evidence presented to them? Will their opinions be altered with new evidence which has come to hand after the court case?

To make your decision tune in to Inside New Zealand: What’s Your Verdict? – Timothy Taylor, screening Thursday, March 29th at 8:30pm.

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About the author

  • Anonymous

    I thought the coverage given in this ‘doco’ was disgusting. It mentioned Lisa Blakie’s gang affiliations but did it mention Taylor’s dealings in the same circles? No. A passing stranger who helped out a hitch-hiker? I think not. From media coverage given at the time of the actual case it highlighted that he was affiliated with the same people and gang as her and that he had repeatedly lied to the police until otherwise proven. If you are going to market trash such as this purely for ratings try giving the viewers all the facts to make an informed decision. It seems ironic that you can take months of accumulated evidence in a case that took 18 hours of deliberation from a jury and pour it into a 45 minute show for general entertainment. Disgusting, disrespectful and speculative – a complete waste of NZ on Air funds. Would the producers even have dared to make such shows if any of the victims were known to them?

  • James christopherson

    Tim didn’t do it anyway i know that for a fact, Oscar Heselwood did it and if he put down his crack pipe for even a minute he may remember what he did. However, Tim is in jail and hopefully he gets his justice and gets his compensation.

  • flouncey

    Im sorry but i completely dissagree with you, Timothy Taylor is a bloody animal, he actually raped a friend of mine years ago, yet she still cannot bring herself to go to the police, she is now nearly 40 years old, and is deeply scarred over it….. hope he rots in jail…