Mediawatch on The Point & TVNZ

Mediawatch this morning had a bit about The Point and the reasons why it was axed. It’s available online here


Basically it was axed because there wasn’t enough money to make a good prog. But also the people now in relatively high positions in TVNZ are not the same ones when The Point began being developed.

Mediawatch also included an interesting bit about the problems at TVNZ. A lot of weight was given to Richard Griffin’s interview in last week’s Listener. He was TVNZ’s political lobbyist for 7 years but left disillusioned. He felt he didn’t achieve what he had hoped to do because it was too hard to change the attitudes at TVNZ. He said:

“You’ve got a range of people in TVNZ who have never come to grips, or want to, with the concept of being a public broadcaster. They were there to run our organisation and make money. Most of the ministers have a better idea of what they believe a public broadcaster can be than TVNZ has and they’ve never once interfered [thumps table], they’ve kept at arm’s length.”

This item on Mediawatch really contradicts comments made on a couple of threads on throng, where posters had claimed that the TVNZ and TV One News won’t do anything that their government masters don’t agree with.

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