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Who is Kieran Mitchell? Excitement is building as Shortland Street’s mysterious new character is set to arrive on the scene Friday March 16th. Already, fans of the show are in a lather.

For actor Adam Rickitt to leave a successful career in England and take a job on the other side of the world, was a bold move.So why did he do it?
“Character, character, character, he says. “When the Shortland Street Producers approached me with the storyline and the character, I thought Ive got to do this.
Ive seen blogs and the forums trying to guess what my character is and they not even in the ball park,” laughs Adam Rickitt (Kieran).
“Kieran has more depth than any other character Ive played before. Put it this way. It was enough to make me travel halfway round the world.”

No doubt we will be sure to learn a lot more about this complex new character in coming days. Meantime, enjoy this exclusive Shortland Street website pic of Kieran cosying up to nurses Maia and Tania Jeffries.

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  • tvnewser

    It would be awesome if Toni was dismissed as nursing manager and this Kieran person was bought in as her replacement, leaving Brenda no better off.

  • Rachel

    Ooh, that’d be great!! And might explain why he’s posing with nurses.. er… right…

  • Tui

    Well he can’t go out with those two: one’s gay and the other is married.

  • tvnewser

    Maybe he will be the donor for Maia’s baby.

  • Alaina Roar

    He could be the anti-Baxter. We’ve had Baxter go loon thinking he can do God’s work by healing people through prayer. Now we can get this Kieran Mitchell come in thinking he can do Satan’s work and ‘accidentally’ kill all the patients. XD