Rove Live back in April

Rove is returning after a five month break following the death of his wife. In Australia, he’ll be screening at 8:30pm on Sunday nights starting April 1. He’ll be up against top rating shows Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. No word yet on the NZ timeslot.

The show is getting a major overhaul. Peter Helliar will be back, and Hamish Blake and Andy Lee may be regulars.

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  • nzgabriel

    Awesome, I like Rove Live.

    His wife dying was very sad, and it shouldn’t have happened to someone like Rove.

  • Dory Face


    That’s brilliant but 🙁

    Belinda shouldn’t have died!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, cancer shouldn’t happen to anyone.

    He is so brave for going back to work after such a short time! Good on him for being so strong.

  • Richard Principal

    Now that is one TV3 I would not rubbish,
    But I would not stop the world to see it,
    and if I miseed it, Im happy, over the moon,
    in fact.

  • ell

    NZ timeslot is same as last year – 9:30 from 7 April (although the first screening is at 9:40, due to it being Good Friday, the schedules are out of whack)