Shortland Street, Monday April 9 - Friday April 13

Shortland Street
Weeknights, 7.00pm

Just as Sarah thought she had found the man of her dreams in TK, a love rival emerges this week on Shortland Street that could turn everything on its head.

Dr Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) has always been the object of TK Samuel’s (Benjamin Mitchell) affections, but when she spots him at the IV bar with an attractive young woman this week, she’s left with doubts about his honesty. The return of old flame Holly Makatea (Miriama McDowell) is a pleasant surprise for TK, but this appears to be far from the case for his suspicious girlfriend.
“Sarah doesn’t know anything about their relationship. She has heard the name Holly mentioned before but she only knows her in passing as a social worker up on Q Road,” says Amanda Billing. “TK has never told her about any previous relationship.” When Sarah sees her boyfriend in the presence of an attractive woman, she immediately begins to develop feelings of jealousy. The fact there is obvious chemistry between the two sees Sarah’s feelings spiral out of control, preventing rational thought.

“The last thing Sarah expects to see is her boyfriend with a young gorgeous Maori Woman like Holly,” says Amanda. “She can tell they have a close connection and that makes her feel immediately uncomfortable and a little bit insecure.” Known for her volatility and frequent outbursts, viewers can be excused for expecting the temperamental doctor to overreact, but Amanda admits that – while this is a possibility – Sarah is actually prepared to give TK a chance rather than jump to false conclusions.

“Sarah sees them hug and immediately wants to put a bomb under them and ask, ‘Who are you?’ Her anger largely stems from the fact this is quite uncharacteristic behaviour for TK. TK is generally quite an open person and Sarah is of the opinion that anything she needs to know, TK would have told her. But something holds her back this time; she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself.”

Despite Sarah’s reluctance to comfort TK, it appears that something a little suspicious is going on – not to mention TK’s unwillingness to talk to her about his relationship with Holly. Could TK already be straying from the arms of the woman he claims he loves so much?

Find out on Shortland Street this week, weeknights at 7.00pm on TV2.

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    Lol Tania has a damm nice what? lmao! i must watch for myself next time and check it out. i havnt watched a full episode in lyke 12years

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