The Vicar of Dibley - two-part special on TV ONE Easter Weekend

The Vicar Of Dibley Specials
Sunday 8 April, 7.30pm

Dawn French dons her cassock and collar once more as village vicar Geraldine Granger, as she bids farewell to her viewing fans after 12 years in ‘The Vicar Of Dibley’. This two-part special, which screens on Easter Sunday and Monday (at 7.30pm on TV ONE), includes all the usual quirky regulars, plus three very special guest stars.

Vicar Geraldine Granger is quite frankly fed up with ‘townies’ descending upon Dibley and buying weekend cottages – until she meets one particularly charming newcomer. After presiding over her 100th marriage and despairing of ever finding love, romance is in the air. It looks as though the handsome accountant Harry Kennedy (Richard Armitage, ‘Cold Feet’) could finally be the one to whisk the vicar down the aisle.
When Harry asks Geraldine to marry him she can’t say yes quickly enough but naturally, things don’t quite go according to plan, and the villagers seem determined to take over all the preparations for the big day. The vicar’s none-too-bright best friend, the wonderfully dippy Alice (Emma Chambers), is keen on a ‘Dr Who’ theme for the nuptials, and there’s a threat of the video being shot in the style of ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

French admits that filming the final episode was a very emotional experience: “The ‘Vicar’ has been a life-affirming show for me, so knowing we won’t be doing it again and that our little gang will be disbanding left me a bit teary.”

But Emma Chambers, who plays Alice, says she won’t miss people coming up to her and asking, “Are you really that stupid?”.

‘The Vicar Of Dibley Specials’ sees the festive season in Dibley as a truly unique ecclesiastical experience – and a charming tale of love, confusion, unrequited love and utter chaos with a very happy ending indeed.

‘The Vicar Of Dibley Easter Special’ will screen Friday 6 April at 10.05pm on TV ONE and series one will also be on TV ONE over the Easter weekend. See listings for further details.

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