Tuikiwi and Hell Pizza

Tui – Got this from NZ Herald website… from back in the day about Hell and Condoms!

This is pathetic. I don’t see why people have to be so SERIOUS and get all upset about free condoms in letterboxes! What about all the sexual refrences on TV these days? Hell Pizza has invented a fun way of advertising. It makes me furious when I read comments made agaisnt it, because it was fun! Everyone knows it, but the people that complain are just people wanting nation-wide attention.

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From the minute I was born, my all time favourite program was PufnStuf. If only there was an island that really was a Living Island. But there isn't. So now, I make do with the fare that is given on Free to Air, and try and have a life outside of it - which seems to be successful! The main thing I want to do is fufil my ambition of living in Egypt for a year, as there is just too much history there to take in on a month long holiday.
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  • Tui

    I have a box of 60 lol!

  • Anomynous

    lucky! we havnt even got a hell pizza in this small town

  • Tui

    Aww well its totally cool