Yahoo!Xtra TV listings

If you were using XTRAMSN for TV listing information, the new Yahoo!Xtra location is:

Things I didn’t like about it:

I found the forward back links at the top confusing, so ended up using the scroller at the bottom.

The pop-ups seem completely unnecessary to me — they repeat the same information you can see from the plain grid and include a link to a page with further information. Instead of being able to quickly click on a TV show in the grid, I have to click, then move my mouse down to the pop-up link, then click again.

Yahoo!Xtra TV via RSS link was misleading – there’s currently no TV RSS feed when you click on it. The closest would be an entertainment top stories feed.

Things I liked about it:

The ability to choose the channels I want displayed.

Times seem to be lined up properly (unlike TVNZ’s listings).

What do you think of their TV listings? Will you use them?

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  • Tui

    I don’t like the layout of the site at all.

  • tvnewser

    Well the site only just launched today, this site wasn’t perfect at first either.

  • Rachel

    I understand that there will be issues with a new site tvnewser, of course – just wonder why they chose some of the things they did.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick to

  • Rachel is also quite good but only has a few channels.