3 News/Campbell Live Tonight - 10th April 2007

Global warming in New Zealand
Scientists now say global warming in New Zealand is not a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’ – it is already happening. We look at what the effects are now – and what could happen in the future.

Iran causes alarm by announcing expansion of nuclear programme
Iran has caused alarm around the world by announcing a major expansion of its nuclear programme. See what the world is saying about the nation’s now industrial-scale uranium enrichment programme at 6:00pm.

A fortnight after the floods, Kaeo still waits
It is more than two weeks since the Northland floods and while most of the water has drained away, the residents of Kaeo are beginning to feel forgotten. Find out why at 6:00pm.

Elle MacPherson shows us how real men buy lingerie
Simon Sheppard delves into the mystery world of lingerie shopping with Elle MacPherson.

Plus, As East Timor holds its presidential elections, we follow a New Zealander taking Miss Australia over with him to the troubled nation. Just how did this big-hearted kiwi raise $50,000 for a Timorese orphanage?

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