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What is the point of the ACC advertisements? As the the news on TV shows that there has been false advertising, ACC has been out since the early-mid 1970’s what is the $***[darn]*** point of it all? Is it just to waste money?
One would think now that road deaths are coming down, (which I support speed cameras, if you can afford to speed then you can afford the speed fines) and since deaths are coming down then injury is also coming down, then the ACC content of motor vehicle registration is going further.

So what I am saying excuse the waffling, Since drivers are driving safer with less road death & injury, then motor vehicle registration should come down. Don’t you think ACC should thrust their advertising on that point instead of wasting on the present advertisement theme?

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  • Tui

    (this goes under ‘ads’ 🙂 )

  • Richard Principal

    you mean you dont ad it together.

  • Richard Principal

    Oh buggerr someone has fixx it upp
    I like to use ADD because ADDS on TV ADDDS up to great entertainment.

    Sure beats getting reminded twice during “Vicar Of Dibley” that the next night there is “Duncing with the stars” is on, at TV1 they can not even wait for the ADDDDDDDs to come on.