Adam's Journal Pt2

The following is an excerpt from Adam’s personal website,

“Hey everybody, hope all is well. Utter apologies for leaving it so long before doing an update for the diary page (especially to you Charmaine!!) only things here have been completely hectic. Now that the character Kieran has finally appeared on screen I have been rushing round not only filming but also doing a load of press to publicize the storyline. Anyway Ive finally gotten a morning off so am sitting down to belatedly let you know whats going on.

Things here are going incredibly well. I am enjoying playing this character sooooo much as he really challenges me in trying to show the different levels in his persona. I know that all sounds terribly arty but the great thing about the way he has been written is that he is not just a typical soap good guy or bad guy but a very human troubled soul, who has lost his way along lifes path for one reason or another. I cant go into it too much as one of the best things about the entertainment industry out here is that they dont pre-publicize storylines the way that we do back in the UK in listing magazines. That means that there is still an element of surprise for the audience and because this character is so completely out there, I dont want to ruin the writers hard work by giving too much away. Its funny actually I have been reading peoples emails and messages and thus far no-one has even come close to guessing where it is all going!

On a personal front though what I can say is how lovely all the cast and crew are. I have to give a special mention to Fleur, Emily and Tim who play Libby, Claire and Mark as they have been not only brilliant to work with, but so much fun to hang around with. They have really taken me under their wings and are showing me the sights etc, so a HUGE thank you to them….”

For more of this journal, plus information about Adam’s career visit his website

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