Article found in magazine this week

My friend found this short article in a magazine which I think is called “idealog” or something … thought I’d share it anyway:

Smallscreen, big thinking

From the creators of Idolblog and Street Talk, comes, an impassioned tale of good conquering boredom. Combining for the first time everything to do with TV – news, pics, gossip, blogs, streams, spoilers and recaps – Throng is a new way of thinking inside the box.

“TV is going through a big change period, about to merge with the internet,” says co-creator Regan Cunliffe. “And we’re positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of that movement. By the time everyone is using the internet for all their entertainment purposes we plan to be huge.”

Huge is a relative term, but not when you tighten up the parameters like this: Regan and his wife Rachel expect Throng to be in the top 10 New Zealand websites within 18 months.

They’re chugging along nicely. Since going live in November last year, Throng has hosted 260,000 visitors – that’s about three thousand uniques and half-a-million page views every day.

“People love TV,” says Regan, “We’re just providing an outlet for that.” And the Cunliffes aren’t shy about sharing the love – they launched Throng in Australia, Canada and hte UK soon after they turned New Zealanders on.

“Everything we’ve done has been an experiment,” says Regan, “luckily, they’ve been successful.”

Coming up next: And they all Blogged Happily Ever After.

by Gena Tuffery

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  • I’ve been to the UK one but would love to see this Stateside.

  • MrCynical

    That is some clever planning there, especially about the net and tv merging. Now if only we could get some investment in broadband to make that a reality.