D-Day: ANZAC Day Special Programming

Wednesday 25 April at 6.00am

June 6, 1944. The date of the largest military invasion and defence the world has ever seen.

D-DAY tells the epic story of the preparation and execution of the Allied invasion of Normandy. It tells the story of the defence of the Western Front by the forces of the German Empire and of the complex and deadly secret war fought by the men and women and France and mainland Europe.

D-DAY brings to life the dramatic and astounding tales of courage and sacrifice, joy and despair and love and betrayal.

D-Day combines in a unique way true history, personal testimony and compelling drama to bring to the screen the momentous events f that day and the stories of those who took part.

By early 1944, the edifice of Hitler’s empire is crumbling. The war against Russia in the east and the build up of Allied forces has made him vulnerable for the first time. The moment has come for the Allies to create a second front: to invade France, move swiftly towards Paris and ultimately Berlin. But to succeed, the plan will need planning, security, luck and courage.

D-DAY is told from multiple viewpoints on both sides of the conflict. While the head of the Allied Forces, General Eisenhower, fights to prepare over a million troops for battle, on the German side Field Marshall Erwin Rommel battles against time to prepare his defences and has to deal with the increasingly erratic behaviour of his leader, Adolf Hitler.

The film also celebrates the lesser-known heroes of the conflict. One of the first to set foot on Omaha Beach is Robert Capa, the photographer who leaves the champagne and glamour of London to witness the invasion first hand- armed only with a camera. We follow the fortunes of the British paratroopers in a race against the clock as they try to capture a key German gun battery before the landings can take place. We join the teenage soldiers who take on the might of the German Panzers and their journey from being boys to men. And as the Allies seek to establish a foothold on French soil, we see the heroic members of the French Resistance being executed one by one in Caen prison.

The film begins early in 1944 and brings to life the tense build up to the day itself. Using the voices and memories of veterans who are still alive today, we follow the meticulous planning, the endless training, the obstacles and dilemmas they faced. We reconstruct the tragedy of Operation Tiger, the dress rehearsal of the Normandy landings in which a flotilla of ships carrying thousands of young American GI’s is hit by German E Boats. We explore the world of espionage; the Allied deception plan, masterminded by charismatic double agent Garbo and devised to keep the Germans guessing as to the timing and location of the assault.

D-DAY is a dramatic, epic and human film about the events of June 6 1944, a day in which ordinary people were called upon to do extraordinary things.

In honour of ANZAC day – D Day.
Wednesday 25 April at 6.00am on PRIME.

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