Dancing with the Stars is back

Sashaying its way back onto screens for yet another dazzling season is ‘Dancing With The Stars’, coming live from Avalon studios on Tuesdays from April 10 on TV ONE (at 8.30pm), with an encore performance every Saturday night, with voting lines still open.

Paul Holmes, Suzanne Paul, Frank Bunce, April Ieremia, Michael Laws, Megan Alatini, Brendon Pongia and Greer Robson have dared to don dance shoes and pair up with Australasia’s slickest professional dancers to raise money for their chosen charity.

After a rigorous and sometimes stressful rehearsal schedule for the past six weeks, the celebrities are poised to take the floor and show the nation if they have got what it takes to strut their stuff on the dance floor. Rhythm and posture is what separates the groovers from the losers.

From week two of the series, the couples will be scored twice on each episode. The eagle eyes of the judging panel, and a public vote, with the lowest scoring team being knocked out of the competition.

Judges Brendan Cole, Alison Leonard and Carol-Ann Hickmore will be back again, casting their highly trained eyes on the eight couples. This year they will be joined by Craig Revel Horwood, fresh from judging the UK version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Revel Horwood replaces Paul Mercurio, whose commitments to the current series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in Australia preclude him from judging the New Zealand version this year.

The show is again presented by Jason Gunn, and co-hosted by Candy Lane.

Gunn is looking forward to the return of the hit show: “I’m really excited about this third series of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. We’ve got a brilliant mix of celebrities who all bring something special to our dance floor. It’s also great to have so many of our dancers back – they know the drill, they know how it works and I’m sure they’ll be upping the ante.”

Candy Lane agrees: “I love our show…. when you turn the TV on to watch ‘Dancing With The Stars’, you can be sure you will be amused, surprised, horrified at times and every emotion in between. And if that’s not enough you can always watch the dancing. It’s entertainment at its best!”

‘Dancing With The Stars’ was New Zealand’s highest-rating series (All People +5) in both 2005 and 2006. On average, 804,000 people watched each episode in 2006, up from an average of 730,000 people per episode in 2005. Both years, the series finals were watched by almost one million people.

Viewers will also be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite performance via phone or text. Proceeds from the voting will go to the celebrity contestant’s charity of choice.

This year the charities are: New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (April Ieremia); YOUTHLINE (Megan Alatini); Parents Inc. (Greer Robson); Starship Foundation (Suzanne Paul); Cancer Society of New Zealand (Michael Laws); Paralympics New Zealand (Paul Holmes); Cure Kids (Brendon Pongia); and the Manukau Community Foundation (Frank Bunce).

For information on how to vote, show recaps, behind-the-scenes information, games and more, visit tvnz.co.nz keywords: dancing with the stars. ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is a BBC format.

Dancing With The Stars
Tuesday 10 April, 8.30pm

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  • Tui

    I’ve never watched a episode of this: and tonight, I think I will 😀