Documentary Channel: NZ Music Month: Struggle No More

NZ Music Month on the Documentary Channel: Struggle No More
Documentary Channel – Saturday 12 May, 10.00pm

New Zealand Music Month continues on the Documentary Channel in May with a season of documentaries focusing on key local music stories…
Week Two: Struggle No More
May 12 sees the world television premiere of Peter Jackson collaborator, Costa Botes’ film Struggle No More. Selected for the 2005 New Zealand International Film Festival, this feature-length film traces the ups and downs in the forty-year career of the Windy City Strugglers, New Zealand’s greatest unknown band. The film focuses on the band’s stubborn refusal to conform to the bent rules of the music business. Funny and sad by turns, it explodes the conventional myth of the ‘struggling artist’ and arrives at a conclusion that is guaranteed to warm the heart of anyone with a soft spot for loveable eccentrics, idealists and lost causes.

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