Dream Home and the property ladder

Fireworks in Whakatane! And, no, I’m not talking about the Dream Home celebrations. I’m talking about the shock at the final – the losing team didn’t buy their house!

At first I thought I was imagining things. Were the earlier transmission problems playing tricks on the telly? But no – the yellow team stopped bidding at $270,000 (under reserve), and the mysterious lady counter-bidding also failed to bid higher (proving she was a plant, yeah?)

Could the Yellows genuinely not afford to buy their house, or were they playing games, hoping for a bigger subsidy from the powers that be?

They say it’s getting harder and harder for young couples to buy a house these days, but this is ridiculous.

What was going on?

Remember what Trevor said after episode one: “The other thing to watch for at the end of the show is one team losing their house.”

Oh, so his prediction came true?

Well, according to my mole, who has been furiously txting me all night, and who is probably now dancing to Love Shack in Whakatane’s premiere night club or whatever people do there for fun, the Yellow team’s failure to purchase came as a total surprise to the Dream Home production team.

Apparently they had a tape ready to play that was going to say something like “Well, they might be losers, but they still have their dream home!!!!!!!11one Check out their golden moments!!!!” but that had to be ditched at the last minute as it wasn’t accurate.

Best Dream Home final since ’00.

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  • Anonymous

    it really is tragic! i hope they are allowed to have it for 270, its only fair! the prices of these “dream homes” just keeps rising, and theirs no way the contestants can afford to purchase them as thier first home.

  • Rachel

    I definitely remember Trevor’s comment about one team losing their house and sadly it came true. Was it rigged to have the reserve out of their reach all along?

  • anynomus

    I feel soooooooo sorry for the Yellow team. They gave it their all and they totally deserve their home. In every other series BOTH teams have always got their houses. So why should it be this time that one team may miss out?? Have checked the dream home site this morning and it doesn’t appear to be up and running. So does anyone know how the yellows have got on????

  • Rikki

    What a way for the show to finish. After all those weeks, left with no-one knowing the end!

    Wondered if that lady was a plant, just to push the bidding up, decided she must have been. Certainly pushed the emotions of the Yellow couple to the limit. Did it have to be so hard on them. The others so elated and fireworks going up, and they were there wondering if they were not even going to be able to purchase their house they’d put so much love and work into – nor did we!

    Always had expected that somehow or other, both would get their houses, but we should have seen the happy ending for both at the end of the programme!

  • Tui

    That’s sad – I liked the Yellows better than the Blues.
    The transmission problems were shocking.

  • Anonymous

    why did the judges pick blue when yellow was on top with judging all through the comp? they just completely disregarded thier prior decisions and it disgusts me.
    everyone wanted yellow to win and i can not see how they didnt! its insane.

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    When the blue team won the “enviromental theme” or something, I thought the yellows deserved it more, the yellow house is so much lighter and the blue house is so dark!!!

    I agree with anon (10/04 12:44), don’t those votes mean anything?

  • Mrs L

    I do think the auction was rigged. That lady stopped bidding – no doubt just below reserve to ensure she didnt purchase it – and come on, if you were a serious purchaser you would have put in that extra 5K to buy that house, well below its valuation. DODGY TV2. DODGY.

    Yellow team stuck it to them by ceasing bidding below their allowable spend limit, well that must have screwed it up for them big time. Good on the yellows for the shock factor, and congrats, I hear they have purchased the house. Hopefully for what they were prepared to spend!!

    The auction process at the end of the show is always such a phoney. About time they do a mitre 10 dream home, and shock NZ by giving away both houses!!

    CONGRATS TO THE BLUE TEAM, what a lovely family!

  • Anonymous

    the yellows decived to win good on them.the blues will proble walk away with the money and contents of the house and use the money to fund there busnses that way they are both winners.would like to know what the woman was up to with the bidding and why did the yellows stop at 270.Wll bun BLUES a real family home.

  • Anonymous

    The yellow team need to get off their backsides and find their own house, instead of waiting for someone to give them a free house. Boo Hoo. Two kids,no house, no real job priorities please.

  • Catherine

    to the person below, dont be such an ignorant twit.
    i wouldnt be surprised if blue team end up having to give up their home because they are so clearly not responsible. yes they “lost everything in the floods TWICE, with no insurance”… after one flood you’d think they’d learn and get some bloody insurance! no wonder they were in the fanancial pooper.

    Yellow team is starting thier own business, so that isnt a real job, huh? I run a small business and thank-you very much but it is a real job and i work a hell of a lot harder than most people i know.

  • anon

    to the person who thinks the word pooper is an adjective , please explain to me why I’m ignorant.

  • Kellie

    All you people who bag the blues and/or yellows are just jealous you didn’t get such a fantastic opportunity. I think both families seem to be really lovely people and I think they all deserved to live in their dream homes. I don’t think it would be easy to put your lives in front of the whole nation like that as well as the stress of doing a renovation in 10 weekends! The prize is well deserved for what they put themselves through. And its great marketing for Mitre 10 and the other sponsors – everyone’s a winner. All the cynical people who bag the programme should watch something else. I do think the auction process is a joke and it would be good if TVNZ could come up with a different formula.

    Anon – you’re comments regarding self-employed people are really ignorant – you obviously have no idea what it takes to build a business. I bet you have a waste of space govt job.

  • anon

    Kellie, for you to be commenting at this time of day you clearly don’t have a job or your business has obviously got you run off your feet.Oops! Unemployed self employed same thing really. “Snaps” to Kellie

  • Kellie

    We could keep slagging each other off anon but you are clearly just an evil troll and I don’t want to correspond with you further. I’m just sorry people like you exist.

  • lisa

    to catherine, u are utterly cruel! who are u to judge the blue team for not having insurance did it ever occur to you that they may not have been able to get insurance I know of a few insurnace companies that refused to give out insurance to home owners in the matata area after the first floods (and they dont have to either) its none of your bussiness what happened before to them and thier family! but i can understand your mentality after all this is coming from someone who is calling her friends ( quote people I know) lazy bums, you must be very lonely or a great friend!

  • Nat

    Hey I am from Whakatane and on the local radio it stated that after some talk until midnight and with an extra $20,000 from TVNZ that the yellow team was able to buy their house

  • Rikki

    Don’t ususally bother to reply to Anonymouse comments, but got angry about the one below about Paddy having no real job priorities.
    He’s self-employed – good on him for having a go at doing something for himself that both him and Neisha can work on from home.
    People in my family are also self-employed and supporting their families that way, and doing good at it too – including my husband! I also know too well, that it isn’t easy to get financial approval if you can’t show a regular income on a wage-slip! Would be especially hard if he’s not been it for too long himself.