Freeview Satellite & Aerial

There will be two ways to receive Freeview – satellite dish or aerial. Freeview is offering both options to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to crystal clear digital quality TV and radio.

Freeview satellite is available from 2nd May, Freeview aerial will be available to about 75% of New Zealand households in early 2008.

Satellite Dish

Freeview satellite (via a dish) is available from 2 May 2007 and will cover all of New Zealand. Satellite is recommended if your current television reception is poor. To receive Freeview satellite, you’ll need a set top box that you can purchase from an approved Freeview retailer, plus a satellite dish. If you need a new dish, an approved Freeview retailer can recommend a satellite installer when you purchase your set top box.


Freeview aerial (terrestrial) will be available in early 2008 in ten major centres. Aerial is recommended if you do not wish to purchase a satellite dish, or you already have a functioning UHF aerial, and you live in one of the aerial coverage areas. As a guideline, if you have poor or no UHF reception (you cannot get some or all UHF free-to-air channels e.g. Trackside, Maori TV), you are unlikely to get Freeview aerial reception. However all of New Zealand can receive Freeview satellite.

A different set top box is required for satellite or aerial reception – you cannot use the same set top box for both.

An approved Freeview retailer can help you determine whether your current aerial or dish is appropriate for Freeview reception. If it isn’t, they can recommend an aerial or dish installer when you purchase your set top box.

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  • DanielM

    Don’t forget, you can also use your Sky satellite dish as well. A lot of houses have these, even from previous tennants.

  • Tui

    Yes yes, thanks for that Daniel.

  • Finally Free

    Any price guides on either option yet?

  • campgrrls

    Oh. Great. So It sounds like I would need a satellite dish to get it. Get grainy reception for Maori & Prime. But as there is a different set top box for aerial and satellite reception, I can’t just get a set top box and see if it will work with my current aerial which has a UHF aerial on it.

    So cost of satellite dish plus set top box… nah…. can’t see me getting in the next few years.

  • yitz

    lol wtf the website is screwed
    anyone can edit it o.O

    cms is in directory /images/ for all pages

  • Tui


  • Nat

    I have WinTV hvr3000 triple mod tuner on my PC and old TV aerial on my roof and I want FreeView chanells. Aerial guy checked UHF signal on the roof and it was weak so no point of installing UHF aerial. But he doesn’t know what exactly I need for my TV tuner. It looks like everybody knows how to get Freeview on TV but not on PC with TV tuner.
    Can I buy just Satellite Dish for Freeview or I need package with Freeview box etc..HELP!!!

  • regan

    We have poor reception where we are but have had no problems with the digital service via UHF.  I would maybe try your tv card with some rabbit ears first and see what you get.  You may find that the UHF signal is still good enough for the digital reception.