Gene Simmons Family Jewels, NEW SERIES Thursday April 26

Thursday 26 April 9.30pm

If you liked ‘The Osbourne’s’… then you’re going to LOVE GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS…
The patriarch of the Simmons family is Gene Simmons, the legendary, tongue wagging demon of KISS.
Mom is Shannon Tweed — former Playmate of the Year, actress and model. And their kids, Nick and Sophie, are, well…surprisingly charming, well-behaved teenagers dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, even though Mom and Dad are like no one else’s parents.
Gene and Shannon have been happily UN-married for 22 years and have no plans of getting married any time soon. Gene is a rock star, and a multi-media magnate. He is also the kind of dad who brings Gatorade to his daughter’s soccer games and stands in the front row of his son’s rock band when they play gigs.
This series will reveal the side of Gene that he has kept hidden until now, and shows how the most non-traditional, traditional family in America manages to make it work under the oddest of circumstances.
In the first episode, it’s revealed that Shannon Tweed hates surprises. Surprise, surprise – Gene Simmons loves them. On his way out of town to attend the Grand Opening of the Hooter’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, he asks Nick and Tracy Tweed (Shannon’s sister) to plan a surprise birthday party for Shannon on his behalf.
While in Vegas, he gets roped into attending the wedding of a male fan and his fiancé, and even gives the bride away. When Shannon inadvertently finds out that Gene was not only planning a surprise party for her AND that he attended someone else’s wedding, she decides to turn the tables on him, and give him a little surprise of his own – an ambush wedding!
When “Mr. Happily Unmarried” for 23 years shows up to what he thinks is Shannon’s surprise birthday party, he gets the biggest surprise of his life.
Don’t miss the pilot of this hot new reality series…
GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS, Thursday 26 April at 9.30pm on PRIME.

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  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to state that I really think that his new show is unbelievably fake. You can tell that it is the first time ever that he has decided to pretend to listen to his un-wife and pretend to be a family man.

    I knew that it was probably the first time that he ever went and bought tampons for Shannon. I think that episode was really pathetic and who is he trying to kid anyway? Alot of those episodes are rehearsed, and if he really wanted ratings, he would get married to Shannon. And she is pathetic for putting up with him for so long. So what if he buys you every cosmetic to keep beautiful! If I were her, I would said bye long ago and forgot his address and phone number, no matter how poor I was!