How good are you at guessing what people watched last night??

If you’re bored!!

Here are the TV shows on from about 6pm-11pm last night on free-to-air channels. Can you put them in rough order from the show with the highest total number of people watching them to the lowest?

To help:

* 1 show had 17.8% of Kiwis watching
* 1 show had 15.8% of Kiwis watching
* 2 shows have 10-14.9% of Kiwis watching them
* 2 shows have 7-7.9% of Kiwis watching them
* 3 shows have 6-6.9% of Kiwis watching them
* 5 shows have 5-5.9% of Kiwis watching them
* 6 shows have 1-4.9% of Kiwis watching them
* 5 shows have 0-0.9% of Kiwis watching them

Happy guessing!!

3 News
All New Simpsons
Driving Force
Harvey Birdman
IRB Sevens
Joker Poker
Location Location Location
Miss Seventeen
My Name is Earl
NRL Warriors v Storm Delayed Coverage
One News
Pimp my ride
The Best of Top Gear
The Chosen Ones
The Simpsons
Treasure Island
Tsunami The Aftermath
U Choose 40
Vodafone Select

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About the author

  • moclak

    that’s too hard wht are the answers. or at least where did the simpsons come

  • Rachel

    I’m guessing CSI was the most popular or second most popular.