MTV: Big Weekend - Viva La Bam & Bam's Unholy Reunion

Marathon: Bam’s Big Weekend
MTV – Saturday 28 April & Sunday 29 April from 10am
(15 hours in total) EVERYBODY LOVES BAM! So MTV is bringing you a whole weekend of Bam-inspired chaos…

Don’t miss hours of fun with back to back episodes of VIVA LA BAM & BAM’S UNHOLY UNION

Viva La Bam follows and documents the life of Jackass’s Bam Margera. Playful pranks on Bam’s unsuspecting parents, visits from his outrageous friends and other Bam-inspired chaos promise to give viewers a hilarious glimpse into the daily life of a once and forever Jackass.

Bam’s Unholy Union records it all! Fred and Wilma. Cliff and Clare. Al and Peg…Bam and Missy? Make room for a lovable new TV couple because Bam Magera’s got himself an honest women! Now he’s getting hitched, and he’s gonna blow the doors off the hallowed halls of matrimony (and possibly light them on fire) in the process.
Catch Bam all day on Bams Big Weekend – back to back episodes of Viva La Bam and Bams Unholy Union.

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