Nickelodeon - Avatar: The Legend of Aang - New Episodes

Brand New Episodes: Avatar, The Legend Of Aang Nickelodeon – From Saturday 5 May, 5.00pm

For 100 years, the ruthless Fire Nation has waged war against the Water, Earth, and Air Nations. The Avatar is the only person who can stop the Fire Nation and bring the world back into balance. The problem is the Avatar is just a kid – a fun-loving Airbender named Aang.

In this new series the Northern Water Tribe braces itself for an attack. While Aang struggles to defend the city he wonders if there isn’t a better way to use his Avatar abilities, so he goes to the spirit world for help – but will he return in time to stop Zhao and prevent the destruction of the Water Tribe?

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About the author

  • Christiana

    I lovvvvvvvvveeeeeee avatar I watch ever one and my fav character is toph even though she is blind she is such a good earth bender and I feel sorri for Prince Zuko he has it so bad.Oh and i really like Jet to he is just so cute :]. Dont forget Katara she is ok she could learn to get better at water bending too.

  • Janice

    I love to watch Avatar. My favourite characters are aang and Katara. Katara is a very beautiful girl. I like it that she can do water bending.

  • Pamela

    i love avatra!
    my fave character is erm.. well
    actully all of them haha
    oh i think momo and upha
    is very cute and
    sometime i just wish my life would be the same as
    the characters in avatar…

  • Yulia

    aq seneng bgt ama flm avatar…soalnya lucu dan kereeeeennnnnnnnnnn….apalage liat momo n apha 🙂

  • Matthew N

    the avatar is so cool but they sould play it more and i lve momo

  • Jamie

    Yh i luuuuv avatar it’s my new fav show JUST after i started watching it lol! Yh i feel sori for Zuko too. Katara is kewl … Toph is kewl … Aang is kewl (he luks a LOT betta with hair) and Sokka is kewL! EVERY1 is KEWL. i don lyk Jet btw. Appa is kewl. Momo is kewl. Those 2 can be funny.

  • Jamie

    y’know he luks better with tht fire nation clothes too. EVERYONE LUKS BETTER FIRE NATION STLYE. yh their clothes were radical.

  • psykidz

    i really love this show.. sometimes i just wish that this world is full of benders.. huhu.. if so i want to be a water bender.. cool…

  • astrii

    I LOVVVVEEEEE avatar….
    I’m really really love appa…. the big cute animal….

  • Rio

    i love avatar..!! apalagi sama binantang peliharaannya. appa dan momo.. there the cute animals. coba di dunia ini ada binatang kyk gtu.. ada gk ya..??? heheheheheh

  • akshay

    when will it come back on nick with new episodes?

  • Soul Eli

    I cant get enough, I love all of em, even Uncle Ira

  • Soul Eli

    I cant get enough, I love all of em, even Uncle Ira

  • milinda

    i lov Avatar its the best cartoon i seen in my whole 16 year life

  • william barthorpe

    i really have to agree i love this show, only thing is is tht u cannae download it off internet anywhere do u no any websites as ive spent bout 2 weeks lookin for them and cant find any

  • john rhey

    avatar is the best cartoon i have ever seen.
    i call myself aang, the avatar. i can bend all the elements so i can defeat fire lord


    AVATAR is the best series ever i have seen, I love all the character specially AVATAR ROKU and FIRELORD OZAI. I even imagine myself being a fire bender. LOVVVVVVEEEEEE ITTTTTTT!

  • goddesswatermaster

    I reealllly luv avatar! they rock my dreams into there lifes I cant 4get that I dreamed about avatar last night! too i was awakened by the loud music of my cousin…

    who cares!…

    kataang is the best couple I ever luv in the avatar wurld kataang is tha mixed name of katara and aang you know… 😀

  • goddesswatermaster

    hey! do you really noticed that aang and katara kissed many times in book 3 fire but the most series that i ever loved in avatar is book 3 fire chapter 21 sozins comet the finale (part 4) in the ending I saw aang and katara kissed long with hugging too!!! its so cute and heart melting! 😀

  • goddesswatermaster

    oh! avatr is already done! 🙁

    but I wish there is still another book series of avatar book 4 air and If so… I wanted aang and katara to be married after 10 years! [L] but in my wish I wish I was aang and katara’s daughter and learn water,air and ice bending

  • watermaster gabrielle

    I have many question:what happened to azula? where did zuko’s mother went? will the avatar and katara be married? will they have kids? will zuko have kids? will zuko and mai be married? can sokka be wise enough? can sokka find the one lady that he truly loved well is it toph or suki? will toph can see again? will toph’s parents understands her that she don’t need to be guarded and hidden? will firelord zuko start a new war?xan they help getting more water benders? and getting more air benders? can they find new friends?