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REGAN: Regan is Vina’s twin brother. He’s missing. Regan was a complete enigma to most people. He came across as restless and often highly secretive. Actually, truth be known, the fact that he vanished and is now perhaps lying dead in a ditch someplace didn’t surprise a lot of people at the time. Regan’s behaviour was often self-destructive. He had a certain tortured genius quality about him. Think Kurt Cobain and you wouldn’t be too far off Regan. He would often drift off into his own world when you were talking to him. Although Regan held this dark mysterious energy, he also could be extremely charismatic when the mood struck him. It was because of this he was highly respected amongst his peers at school. He would find himself becoming the King of the Ball or the leader of the debating team without even trying. His charm gave him a confi dence that could at times be dazzling.

Regan is played by Matt Whelan

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