The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

British actor Jane Horrocks stars as Ros Pritchard in the new drama ‘The Amazing Mrs Pritchard’ (tonight at 8.35pm on TV ONE). Angry with the state of politics and uninspired by her voting options in the upcoming general election, supermarket manager Ros Pritchard decides to stand for Parliament.

The down-to-earth, forthright and witty Mrs Pritchard lives with her husband and two daughters and acts nothing like a politician – she is passionate, determined and above all, honest.

Amazingly, her unique stance captures the hearts and attention of voters nationwide, and within eight short weeks, Mrs Pritchard makes history and is elected to be the next Prime Minister.

However, PM Ros Pritchard soon discovers how difficult it is to uphold her honest ideals and have the courage of her convictions when confronted with the dilemma to keep her public happy or to keep her job safe.

‘The Amazing Mrs Pritchard’ was written by Sally Wainwright (‘At Home With The Braithwaites’) and directed by Declan Lowney (‘Cold Feet’, ‘Father Ted’). Wainwright says her motivation for writing the series came from her own apathy and sense of disillusionment with the last election: “I thought the parties were all as bad as each other.”

She says she decided it would be great fun to write an epic story with a central character who was prepared to stand up and point this out. “Mrs Pritchard is bold enough, or some may say daft enough, to stand for parliament on the assumption that she can do just as badly as any of them but at least she will be honest.”

The series premiere sees Ros Pritchard (Horrocks), the successful manager of Greengages Supermarket in Eatanswill, stand for election. Supported (reluctantly) by her husband Ian (Steven Mackintosh) and daughters Emily (Carey Mulligan) and Georgina (Jemma Mckenzie-Brown), she begins her campaign, inspiring other women to follow her lead and stand on the same platform. Mrs Pritchard’s story grips the nation and eight weeks later no one is more surprised than Pritchard herself, when she wins the General Election and becomes the next Prime Minister.

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard
Friday 27 April, 8.35pm

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